3 Outfits for Christmas

3 outfits for Christmas
Hey lovelies!

I hope you´re enjoying that special time of the year as much as I do!
Christmas lights everywhere, punch, candles… so lovely!
But there is one question I keep asking myself every year, again and again: What should I wear on Christmas eve? So, to give you guys some inspiration here they are:
My 3 outfits for Christmas eve!

Outfit 1

I´m totally in love with this one. The combination of the colors white and grey, together with that perfect jewelry will make sure, that you´re dressed appropriate when you host a little Christmas party with your friends or family. You might remember that bag from a previous outfit of mine ;)


Outfit 2

If you´re spending Christmas eve just with your boyfriend or you want to get comfy on that beautiful evening, I strongly recommend wearing something cozy, yet stylish! My number 2 of my 3 outfits for Christmas is exactly for that situation.
That cute Cashmere sweater is super cute and warming, while matching the rest of the outfit perfectly.
And don´t forget the scented candles, especially when they smell like Christmas cookies! ;)


Outfit 3

Are you going on a Christmas party? Great! Then this outfit could inspire you a little!

I am in love with that dress, and with all those beautiful accessories you will look amazing, wherever you party.

I hope, you liked my 3 outfits for Christmas. :) Don´t forget to like my page on Facebook and/or leave a comment below!
Happy advent time!
Ina, xxx

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