How To Update Your Wardrobe For Winter

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Hey everyone!


Since I can´t miss the temperatures approaching zero these days, and the weather being all gray and wet, I´ve come to realize that December has come once again.


Due to this, I noticed that my closet needs a little update, with coats, outer wears and lots of warm, cozy stuff :)


Unfortunately it can be quite expensive to update your wardrobe for winter, but I´ve come up with some ideas to do that without spending a fortune.


Tip #1. Make a digital closet archive


Sometimes, we tend to forget the fabulous ensembles we created last month. So recording or taking pictures of your outfits can be of great help since you can easily track the outfits you’ve mixed and matched. This is also a great help in checking clothes you barely wear. This strategy is ideal for girls who have full closets that need cleaning up. Plus, it’ll give you some ideas on what you lack so you’ll buy only those you need.


Tip #2. Store your seasonal clothes


We’ll be seeing the warm season in about 5-6 months from now so we better store our summer and spring clothes in a nice box and put it on top of our wardrobe. Like the first tip, this second tip can help you decide on what winter clothing staples to buy instead of just buying everything you see.


Tip #3. Choose your trends


Since winter is the season of layering, why not add some color to your outwear collection this season? You’ll never have a hard time standing out in a sea of gray and black coats with colorful jackets and coats, like this cotton suit. Also, choose pieces that can be paired with almost everything in your closet.


Investing in a good one will go a long way, I tell you. A piece like this is a great example. :)


coat inspiration, fashion bloggerLapel Cotton Suit



Tip #4. Sweaters and more


I know we all have that personal list of cozy sweaters to wear this winter and we’re facing a challenge on how to style them.



Classy Touch of Browns


I found a great example for a sweater style on polyvore, which gives you everything you need for the winter: Great leg warmers, a cozy pullower and perfect accessoires.


Another example is an outfit I posted recently, which is built around a great stylish oversized sweater.


oversized sweater 14



So as you’ve guessed, invest in sweaters as they can be paired with almost anything.



And that’s about it. I hope these tips to update your wardrobe can help you. Have fun shopping! :)


Have a great day






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    Some good advices! I have to update my wardrobe, too. But it`ll be so much work. I don`t want to think of it now.

    Best wishes!