Outfits Of The Month – November

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Hey lovelies,


I can’t believe it’s already December! Only 24 days until christmas and like every year, I still don’t have one single christmas present for my love ones. Shame on me. But one more reason to go shopping… ;)

Today I want to show you guys my outfits of the month for November. And like every time, I’m curious to hear your opinion. Which outfit is your favorite? :)

All the best and happy 1st December!

Ina, xxx




Head Over Knees

boucle 4

Casual Monday

outfits of the month, oversized sweater 15


Black and White Asia Vibes

black and white, kimono, fashion blog

The Fluffy Fake Fur Jacket

outfits of the month, portraits 2


Rosé Jumpsuit

outfits of the month, jumpsuit 13

The Neoprene Dress

Halloween Outfit dress 10

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