My Liebster Award Nomination

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Hey everyone!


I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by les assorties and I am very excited about that. Thank you again, girls! :*


Following the rules, I posted ten facts about me and answered the ten questions. Here we go!


Ten random facts about me


1) In my “normal life” I’m a medical student.


2) One year ago I became a proud auntie of a cute little boy.


3) I know my best girlfriend for ages now. She’s the only person knowing absolutely everything about me.


4) I’m vegetarian since I’m 12 years old.


5) Next to german and english I speak swedish, spanish and norwegian fluently. But I still want to learn italian and french!


6) I love white chocolate.


7) I’m addicted to Labello. I can’t leave the house without it. That makes me nervous.


8) I love London and would love to live there some day.


9) I’ve never been to Paris so far. That’s definitely on my to-do-list for 2015.


10) I’m a dog person. My little dog’s name is Luna and I dearly miss her, when I’m away.




What is the one thing you cannot live without?

I couldn`t live without my friends and my family, and my Labello ;)


Is there a person you cannot stand in the fashion industry?

Right now I haven´t met that person yet.


Use a song to describe your personal style.

Difficult question, I would say “Ten steps” from Marit Larsen.


Where do you want your blog to be in one-year time?

I´m very glad about what I accomplished in the time until now, and I hope that in one year I can have the same loyal followers and a lot of new readers, and some great collaborations and projects, to share interesting stories with you guys. And lots of new travel posts! ;)


Which garment in your wardrobe do you treasure the most?

My leather pants


If you could collaborate with a blogger, who would that be and on what project?

That´s a very difficult question, as there a lot of bloggers, with who I can imagine a collaboration.


How do you spend your days when you are not blogging?

I spend my days off blogging in the hospital ;) I like to spend my free time with my boyfriend, my friends and my family.


If you could live on one beauty product for the rest of your life, what would that be?

Labello ;)


Which is your favorite social media platform?



What’s on the top of your Christmas wish list?



I am nominating:





Lenna´s notebook




Madame Bazinga






1.) How would you describe your personal style?
2.) How and when did you start blogging?
3.) What do you love the most about blogging?
4.) What´s your favorite piece in your wardrobe for winter?
5.) What is the worst mispurchase in your wardrobe?
6.) How do you spend your New Year´s Eve?
7.) What´s your favorite travel destination?
8.) What is your favorite designer?
9.) If you could choose one beauty product, that you cannot live without, which one would that be?
10.) Flats or heels? ;)


I´d like to thank les assorties again for the kind nomination and can´t wait to read all your answers!


Don´t forget to link back the person, who nominated you.

The rules are:
  • Post ten random facts about you.
  • Post the answers to the ten questions you were asked.
  • Set up ten questions for your nominees to be answered.
  • Let you nominees know that they´ve been nominated through a blog comment, instagram tag or tweet.

Have a great evening!
Ina, xxx
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