Blue And White Beach Style

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Happy Saturday everyone!


Today it’s all about my blue and white, typical greek, beach style.


I want to show you just a few more pictures we shot during our stay on Crete. These pictures were taken again at Red Beach. I already told you about that magical beach in one of my posts before. So here are more pictures for daydreams! :)


During a stroll through Matala, I found this cute, blue and white colored tunic in one of these small shops everywhere. Tunics are the perfect piece of clothing. In my opinion every woman should at least have one in her wardrobe. You can wear them on the beach or style them more glamorous and chic for the evening.


About this tunic, I loved the colors and its light and silky stuff. It’s perfect to wear on the beach. Of course you can combine it with sweet flip flops, jewelry and so on. But I preferred the all natural look that day. No shoes, almost no make up and just a bit of salt water spray for my hair. I guess, that wasn’t necessary at all. ;)


And as a special surprise there’s a short “behind the scenes” video. So you guys can see: We had a lot of fun shooting these pictures starring my beloved, greek styled tunic. :D


Have a nice weekend and take care!


Ina, xxx


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