Beach Styles 2014: Komos Beach

Hey guys,


after my final exam at my university I was so lucky to have the opportunity to have enough time to travel around a little. My first travel destination was Crete. An amazingly beautiful, Greek island with that special flair, breath-taking landscapes and beaches from your dreams.


We stayed in Matala, a very special small village on the coast, where you can still feel the Hippie-Flair of the 60s. If you happen to be in the south of Crete, I recommend you to swing by that stylish place and enjoy some ‘Mezze’, different, small dishes, in one of the sweet tavernas with an amazing view of the sea. You have to see those beautiful sunsets! And don’t forget to pass by the ‘Akuna Matata Bar’ and drink a vodka melon, feeling like Jack Sparrow. ;)


On Crete, I strongly recommend a rental car, since there is so much to see and to discover. The pictures of today’s post were taken on Komos beach, a 4km long sand beach on Crete’s south coast. With the car it’s not even 10 minutes away from Matala. Unlike Matala you won’t find any tavernas on Komos beach, due to the fact that it’s located in an archeological protected area. I quess that explains the very special and almost magical atmosphere of that place.


We’ve been there very early in the morning, even before 8am, to shoot this beach outfit. And since this is a fashion blog I guess you could be interested in seeing them, right? ;)


Normally I’m wearing bikinis. I have them in every colour, shape and style. But since Komos beach is such a special place, I decided to wear something different. I bought this monokini some years ago, but never wore it. I quess I was to shy to wear it at our local bathing lake. ;) But now, some years older and far away from home, I loved it.




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What do you think about it?

I hope you enjoyed reading and liked the pictures. Stay tuned for more fashion posts to come…


Good night, lovelies.

Ina, xxx


I was wearing

monokini: unknown

necklace: H&M

2 thoughts on “Beach Styles 2014: Komos Beach

  1. Kitty

    Hey there,

    first of all I am really into your type of writing and enjoyed reading about your expierences. I have to admitt that I am slightly jealous because of your destinations- always wanted to see Greece but either no time or not enough money :(

    However, I wondered how this monokini looks on the back? There is no picture :(

    Oh and one last question: do you take all your photos by yourself or is there somebody who is a professional photographer?

    Lots of love and keep going!

    1. Ina Nuvo Post author

      Thank you so much for your comment. I’m very happy, you liked reading so far. :*
      The pictures are all taken by my talented boyfriend. He’s the one, who cheered me to start my fashion blog after I was thinking about that very, very long time.

      I added a new picture now, that shows the monokini from the back. I just forgot it. Ooops ;)